My Be Still Box.

Two posts in one day?  Yep.  Making up for lost time.

As I was finishing up our Mother's Day crafting, our postman hopped up on our doorstep with a small package.  I really figured it was for Butterbean or Buddy, but it was for ME!

Now, before I share anymore about its contents...let me give you the backstory.

Life in ministry (and in general) can really seem to be moving at the speed of light.  So last fall I threw together a little box for a friend of mine (who shares my love for all things Southern), and sent her a mason jar and knitted jar cozy for some fall-weather hot tea drinkin'.  A pretty box from the craft store and some mustache-printed duct tape made for a happy parcel floating through the US Postal Service.

Fast-forward a few months and another special someone poured deeply into my life.  And as a thank you for the ways she helped me see the need for balance and pause in my ministry, I sent her a little package as well.  (This one was especially fun.  I sent a tube of tennis balls.  Did you know that there are a lot of things you can send directly in the package they are sold in?  Check out this post on Givers Log.)

Now back to today's box.  It was for ME!  And it had this beautiful mug with the words from Psalm 46:10 tucked inside (and chocolate, of course!).  So I've named this phenomenon the 'Be Still Box.'  Fitting, right?

I want to challenge you to send a friend a Be Still Box once a month.  It can be a simple as picking up a tube of tennis balls at WalMart, writing a note and taping the envelope to the outside of the tube.  Fun, right?  I know!  And how much encouragement and support is sent in that little package?

So it's on your to-do list.  But more important than adding another thing to your to-do list is actually taking time to BE STILL!  And when you happen to be the recipient of someone's Be Still Box, honor your friend and the Lord by doing just what they're asking of you.  :)

Tempest Tossed.

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