Tempest Tossed.

This morning I had the humbling challenge of ministering to our congregation here in Oklahoma City - the first gathering we've had since Monday's storms.

Many of us, our family included, were on the outer edge of the debris field or in the storm's path on Monday.  Some of us in homes, some of us at work.

Miraculously, everyone in our fellowship was spared.

I have been completely unable to even blog about these days.  The devastation is so profound that it leaves me completly at a loss for descriptive words adequate enough to convey this experience.  Honestly, the best word I've found is gone. Everything looks gone.  Everything feels gone.  Even for those of us who have everything left.

The Holy Spirit shared with me an affirmation, a prayer, to pour over our people in these days.

As you pray for us, consider joining with us as we confess covenant, acknowledge the consequence of calamity, and cry for compassion.

God be praised.



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