For The Dads.

So...I was going to wait and post this tomorrow so that the men in our congregation wouldn't have their surprise spoiled...but who are we kidding? Will they actually read my blog before bed?  The odds of the surprise not being spoiled are highly in my favor.  Oh, and forgive the unedited iPhone pics.  I know everyone who reads my stuff comes here for the high-quality graphic work, but please don't be disappointed tonight.

Now...for the four of you reading this who have not adequately prepared to recognize the fathers in your congregation or cubs in your scout troop - here's an idea.  And it's great for those of us on French budget (tres modeste).

Quick.  Get in your car and get to Sam's Club.  And grab one of these:

 It'll set you back about 18 smackers.

Then print yourself out something that looks sorta' like this:

 I printed mine on free photo paper - which added two of my favorite things to this project - free stuff and no-cutting-out stuff.  And yes.  That is MS Publisher.  I tip my hat to you Photoshop gals.

And then you can tape/staple till your heart's content and your 60-bag bucket is empty.

Done and done.  Happy wife, happy life.  Happy guy, super-fly?

Happy Father's Day to all y'all!

Oh, and hey to all my friends in Wisconsin!  I sent hugs back with Krachel! Love to you guys - thanks for the prayers!!!

Silence Insomnia.