The Ten Pin Strike

Last week was staycation week.  And I gave myself a few goals - fun goals, of course.  One of those was accomplishing a Ten Pin Strike.  A Ten Pin Strike, you ask?  
In my pin and never actually attempt Pinterest world, I decided the best way to make up for lost time was to knock out ten pins at once - in bowling, a strike.  Clever?  I thought so.
I was really, really hoping to complete my strike in one day - alas, it took two days - but I am super-excited to try this again soon!  It was like Pinterest sprinting!

So here's my TEN PIN STRIKE!

First, the Williams Sonoma stove-top potpourri.  It was nice.  Not life-changing, but nice.
Third, Chili's copycat salsa.  Tasty, but missing something.
Fourth, the Listerine & vinegar foot soak.  Did not exfoliate my feet.  It did, however, make my feet feel like I had lathered them in icy hot for the rest of the day.  Weird.
Fifth, homemade chocolate syrup.  DIVINE!  Worked great.  A keeper and repeater.  (And I even used Aldi cocoa.)
Sixth, homemade foaming soap.  Not as emollient as store-bought, but WAY cheaper.
Seventh, homemade bath paint.  Super fun.  It did stain our unsealed grout areas (duh), but wasn't anything a bit of bleach cleanser couldn't handle.
Eighth, t-shirt superhero capes.  Two minute project.  (At least my version was!)  Super fun.  Our daddy is an XL guy - I would recommend smaller size t-shirts - maybe a men's medium.
Ninth, Unstoppables in my Scentsy warmer.  Works just as you would expect.
Stay connected on the Practice Hospitality Facebook page!  I have a feeling a Ten Pen Strike Challenge for some fallish fun will be in the works soon!

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