DIY Month-In-View Planner.

I love the convenience of digital planners and online calendars, but I am a visual planner.  I have to see on paper those big wide blocks of days in order to really understand the relationships between dates and events.
The problem is finding that magical paper calendar that really suits my way of planning.  Weekly pages are almost a complete waste of trees for me.  I usually work best off of a monthly calendar and an ever-evolving to-do list.  I have been using Astrid (the most amazing app ever) along with a paper calendar, but alas, Astrid will be no more in August, and I am faced with a creating a new system.
Last winter I was browsing Etsy late at night, and came across the most amazing planner I have ever seen.  It's one of the jaw-droppingly innovative planners made by Laurel Denise.  Oh, how I adore them.  I'm drooling right now.  The beautiful (unique, fabulous, amazing) thing about them is that you can look at your month page and weekly page
The one thing keeping me from snapping one up right now is the nature of my work.  Saturdays and Sundays are major event/program days for me, and I can't fit everything into the split-weekend blocks that her planners currently provide.  -sigh-
So, in the meantime, I put together my own version (waaaayyy not as cute, but I have hopes one day to have the real McCoy).  I made the calendar pages on MSPublisher and cut out the weekly pages by hand.  I laminated the cover pages and bound them with comb binding.  (FedEx Kinkos will do the laminating and binding for you for around $8.)
Downfalls of printing your own planner:  time consuming, if you don't use a laser printer, not waterproof.
Upsides of printing your own planner:  can reprint and replace damaged pages, can customize.
What is your planning/calendar/keeping-it-all together system?

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