Independence (From Nagging) Day.

Nothing says independence quite like a chore chart, right?  So it is fitting that on this Independence Day I'm giving my children the freedom to contribute their fair share to our household!  Ask not what your Mommy can do for you!  Ask what you can do for your Mommy!  (Cue inspirational music.)

This chart has been a long time coming.  It's basically a chore chart mashup.  I borrowed a few ideas from other charts I've seen over time, and put my favorite bits together to make up one that I hope will work well for my tribe.

Among chore systems, I love the concepts behind the Accountable Kids system.  However, I'm not a big fan of their aesthetics.  And chore chart clip art is not easy to come by.  So instead of clip art, I actually took digital photos of items in our home that will remind the peanuts of the chore at hand.  (Buddy took part in a bit of photobombing during that process.)

In addition to the digital photo modification, I made some 'division of labor' adjustments.  With preschoolers in my abode, many chores are still being learned and still require my supervision.  So instead of assigning chores to the little ones in scattered spots throughout the house, I took the concept of room by room checklists and made a 'Helping Hands' time for the evening chore cards.  In each room, I've placed a Helping Hands checklist with the daily chores listed for that area.  It's tucked into a book pocket that is behind a cabinet door or in another unnoticeable area.  We'll go room by room together each evening, sharing the tasks on the list.  I'll be in each room with them, so the peanuts' contributions are supervised, while I am able to take care of my share of the duties as well.  (Here's a PDF draft of those cards.)

I made morning chore cards, evening chore cards, and I have a few bonus cards that will earn stickers on their incentive charts (like a Bedtime Bonus for staying in bed through the night).  I used digital scrapbooking papers that I had from old projects for the different color card backgrounds.  (PDF of the morning chores here.)

The cards are made to fit in book pockets, and I attached the pockets to cheery bulletin board decorations I found and laminated at Mardel.  One pocket holds the 'to do' chores and the other holds the 'done' chores.  The kiddos will earn a sticker for their chart when morning chores are done, when evening chores are done, and a few here and there for other good deeds.  Eventually I will laminate the Helping Hands cards and chore cards.  I wanted to make sure the system worked well and I didn't miss any areas of our home before making that additional investment.

Here are some more photos...let me know if you'd like any of my files to edit and give this a go for yourself!  Blessings!  And praise God for our free land!


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