Tech 4 Jesus? Appsolutely.

Over the past week I've come across a few helpful apps that have enriched our devotional and prayer life.  Of course I'm always using my YouVersion app, both for reading and for listening to scripture, but these newbies have been a nice addition to an often spiritually-distracting iPhone.

Voice of the Martyrs Pray Today :  This app gives you daily prompts for praying for the persecuted church.

Bible Bloom :  Great app that gives you a daily challenge that allows you to put your faith into action.

Prayer Prompter :  This prayer app allows you to be prompted by scripture and lists of supplications and intercessions.  Also has a built-in timer that allows you to see how much time you've spent in prayer.

Prayer Path :  This prayer app builds a slideshow of prayer prompts, and allows you to add photos, music, and other meaningful elements to enrich these prayer times.

Bedtime Shema :  We have prayed Shema since our little ones were their littlest.  This app is a beautiful child-friendly, God-centered way to get tucked in.  My peanuts love taking turns at night completing the tasks and listening to Shema being said by young boys and girls.  It has also enriched my understanding of God's word, as I have been interested to learn more about Shema and increase my knowledge of HaShem.  Learning about Asher Yatzar was surprising - definitely sheds a new light on potty training.

Happy app-ing!

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