The Whole 30, er, Whole 31.

In T-Minus three days or so, I will begin a wild ride with a few friends along the Whole 30 road.  For all of October.  Which I guess technically will be a Whole 31.

I'll be blogging a bit about my journey - hopefully sharing some insight with anyone else considering a challenge like this for the future.  My life is full of travel, small children, a full-time job, PLENTY of social events, and just about everything else that can easily - VERY easily - sabatoge healthy eating habits. If I can do it, well, anyone is likely able to accomplish this feat.

You wanna' join in?

Follow my Pinterest board here if you'd like some inspiration, and click the Whole 30 link above to get the full low-down on the challenge!

Remember - treats are the new tricks! 

Whole 30 Prepping.

Laundromat Service Project.