Whole 30 Prepping.


Following the Whole 30 for my family means providing the best-for-us food within the provision of our grocery budget.  Obviously this means that there may be a bit less organic or grass-fed in our cart, but we can still provide good food for ourselves through some meticulous Aldi shopping and Walmart price-matching.

In my Whole 30 prepping today, I did step out of that 'budget zone' and splurged (just a bit) on a few items that I knew would protect me from my most formidable saboteurs in these next two weeks.  

Saboteur #1 - Hot tea and biscotti/cookies/chocolate.  They have been my escape for a really long time and I savor the 7 minutes I have with them after the kids go to bed.  And in my tea I have plenty of sugar and plenty of half and half.  Which makes a majority of this escape totally un-Whole 30.  So I splurged today on some honeybush and rooibos teas.  I find that those teas have a natural sweetness, which I hope, when paired with some coconut milk, will satisfy a bit of the cravings I might encounter from my past.  I also splurged on a few Larabars.  In a pinch the pecan pie or apple pie one might just make me live biscotti-free forever.  (Are these words really coming from my brain?)

Saboteur #2 - A quick meal.  In my weekly plan I need at least one convenience meal for the night where chaos has left me making dinner late without a recent run to the grocery store.  So I splurged on a Whole 30 compliant jarred spaghetti sauce to keep in the pantry.  I've tossed some ground beef in the freezer, and I have a happy squash relaxing on the counter.  When life happens, I can throw these together in a flash.  

Saboteur #3 - Beverages, again.  Along with the hot tea, I am historically not the biggest fan of plain water.  I'll be chilling some rooibos tea, and trying my best to become friends with mineral water.  We are witnessing the miraculous here, friends.

So what possible road blocks have you identified in your prepping?  What plans have you made to fight them head on?


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