Lazy Mom's Guide To Cupcake Toppers.


My sweet girl had one request for her fifth birthday - a Disney's Frozen themed party.

So what are you going to do for the poor kid with the birthday just two weeks after Christmas? 

My only problems in fulfilling her heart's desire were:

1 - my general un-Martha-ness.

2 - the absence of Frozen themed cupcakes, cakes, and cupcake toppers in every part of our city.

Necessity is still the mother of invention. 

Here's how you can be a lazy mom, too:

Buy adorable paper straws. Cut them in half. Buy adorable Frozen (or other theme) stickers. Cut them into individual squares or circles, but leave them attached to the paper backing. Use doubled-sided tape to attach the stickers to each straw-half, making sure the cut side points downward. 

Buy delicious cupcakes. Stab a sticker-embellished straw in each one. After the kiddos enjoy their treat, peel the sticker from the paper backing and enjoy the amazement and delight. 

You're a fabulous lazy mom. ;)


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