I've been pinning posts on Scripture journaling for a while now - some pins are of #writetheword participants who are writing God's Word by hand to more intently mediate on it, and some pins highlight journaling Bibles (where Scripture is illuminated by sketches and art in the margins of the pages). Although I lack the artistic talent of those who inspire me, I've been ::impatiently:: waiting to begin a journal myself.

I tend to be a sprinter. And (without surprise) I occasionally embark on a new creative adventure without the 'long haul' commitment needed to justify the purchase of, say, a new journaling Bible. :)

So I met myself in the middle of the road today and began taking Scripture journaling for a test drive. My plan is to write the book of John by hand, making notes for further study and highlighting promises that touch my heart in a special way. I purchased an inexpensive journal and am using washi and colored pencils already in my craft stash to get the party started. If I am diligent and find that this practice enriches my quiet times, a Journible or new Legacy Bible might be on my Christmas list in a few months. (And new washi and smash items from Etsy for my stocking, of course.)

I am using the right-side pages for Scripture writing, and the left for word studies and reflections. I'd love to hear your experiences with handwriting Scripture or journaling in your Bible margins. I've written notes in my Bible for years, but have never been intentionally moving through specific books and passages solely for that purpose.

I'll update on my progress soon! Let's eat some Bread of Life, y'all!

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