Printables - Women's and Men's Ministry Banquet - Camo and Lace.

Here in OKC I get to work alongside a faithful servant of God, Major Margaret Kennell. I love her creativity, admire her artistic giftings, and was inspired by a theme she shared for her Women's and Men's Ministries Annual Dinner - Camo and Lace : Hidden In Christ. Isn't that cool? She plans to make use of some Duck Dynasty finds for the event, and had great ideas for favors (i.e., bandannas, 'tea cups,' etc.).

I created some printables for her - and I'll share them with you! (Click on the images above and below for the higher resolution file.) You can use these graphics for place cards, program covers, framed centerpieces, and favor tags. Comment below on other creative uses!

Camo and Lace Tag.jpg
Camo and Lace Place Card.jpg

He Is Jealous For Me.

reLENTless repentance.