When we hear the word 'confessions,' we often expect tales of embarrassment or shame.

But in the life of the Christ-follower, confessions are valuable tools for increasing faith. The more we renew our minds with Truth, the more confident we are in our stand against the schemes of the enemy.

When Butterbean was nearly three, I discovered a book (now out of print) of daily scripture confessions for children: 365 Confessions for Kids by Virginia Kite. I found a used copy online, and at bedtime I began sharing the fruit-filled life confession. Butterbean quickly learned the confession and the fruits of the Spirit, and hearing those words in her tiny voice - can't even describe it.

After a move to OKC from our home in Atlanta, the book was packed away and the nightly routine faded into other family traditions. But a few nights ago Butterbean asked to say the fruits of the Spirit with me. And many were still fresh in her mind. Man. We gotta' plant more seeds, friends. Praise God He makes 'em stick.

So I dug up the confession, and made a handy printable for us to use as we renew this special time of testimony together. Hope its useful in your seed-planting, too. xo

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