reLENTless repentance : Ready for Battle.

As we move in preparation for the season of Lent, I want you to consider for a moment - is your weaponry ready for battle?

Even as Jesus was tempted following 40 days in the wilderness, we see and know that the Word of God was and is a source of sustenance, strength, and victory. (Matthew 4:4)

Lent is not merely a time of reflection and pause - it is warfare. And we must make certain our sword is ready for the fight. (Ephesians 6:17)

So many of us shot off the blocks in the New Year with our Bible reading plans check-marked and in place. Where are we now? Fizzled-out? Side-lined? We need to pick up the blade once more.

I want to introduce you to a reading plan that is not bound by timelines, due dates or calendars. It is an abiding Bible study that continues month after month and year after year. This system of study was developed by a man of the Word, Professor Grant Horner.  He gives the background and instruction for his reading plan HERE.

Essentially in Professor Horner's plan, the Word is divided into ten sections for reading. Each section is completed in varied numbers of days and is started again upon completion. This allows for continually changing samples of scripture, which begin to come alive together and give the reader a 'big picture' view of the Word. Please don't confuse a Bible reading plan with Bible study. Both are valuable practices of spiritual discipline. With a reading plan, you are able to keep you mind renewed; with weekly Bible study (where you may dissect and digest several consecutive chapters of any given book), you are able to develop a deeper understanding of spiritual truths and gain an anchor for your soul. One is not the other, and yet one is not exclusive of the other.

I created a set of bookmarks that will get you on your way in implementing this plan. Long-time users of Professor Horner's system often use book darts, Post-It notes, or Post-It flags to mark their reading. (Bookmarks can occasionally fall out of your Bible and you might lose your place. Marks with magnets or adhesive help limit that issue.) I'll be using bookmarks and backing my place-marks up with an app designed for the Horner plan : Wordmark. The ad-enabled version is free - lose the ads for only $.99.

If you miss a day of reading, you miss a day of reading. You pick up where you left off. Easy-peasy. And if you're having trouble finding creative ways to make time for a daily quiet time, check out this post from the early days of Practice Hospitality:

Solitary Places : The Quiet Time Backpack.

 Click image for printable PDF of all ten bookmarks.

Click image for printable PDF of all ten bookmarks.

reLENTless repentance : Seek.

He Is Jealous For Me.