reLENTless repentance : Do.

We're heartsick about the spiritual condition of the world around us.

Now what?

Ask the Holy Spirit for creative vision for reaching them.

You. Need. To. Talk. To. People. About. Jesus.

Really. You do.

So this project I'm sharing that doesn't require talking or relationship building - well, don't think this is all that heartsickness needs to accomplish in the realm of Gospel-spreading.

Major Steve Justice at The Salvation Army's Adult Rehabilitation Center here in OKC gave me an opportunity to create prayer boards to minister to folks in our family (thrift) stores.

The best case scenario is that I am in the community engaging people face to face. The best case scenario when that is not physically possible is finding creative ways to engage - with the resources and opportunities that are already connected with people who need Jesus.

Like this:

  1. Find a space where the seeking may be found.
  2. Buy a bulletin board.
  3. Decorate it.
  4. Ask to pray for them.
  5. Pray for them.

Get heartsick. And do something about it.


reLENTless repentance : Forget.

reLENTless repentance : Joy.