Moving Tips and a New Neighbor Gift.

We're here!

Our family just made the journey (along with our worldly possessions) to our new home in West Virginia. John and I are excited to be part of The Salvation Army's ministry here - we can't wait to see what God has in store!

Thought I'd share a couple of things I learned during this move that might be helpful for anyone else finding themselves in a sea boxes -

  • Colored duct tape and Evernote for your packing log. (Read the details in this post.)
  • Use the same size boxes. I saw this tip somewhere in the www world and it is cumbersome with heavy things (books) - but ultimately makes loading and unloading the truck a breeze. We used 18x18x16 boxes and stacked them about 3 high on the dolly.
  • Use Move America. We have nothing but praise for these guys - everyone was incredibly helpful, easily reached (REAL people, y'all!), and they were always spot on in their promised delivery times. 

I wanted to create a new neighbor gift that we were able to give as the 'new kids on the block' and dreamed up this little item. I made the printables before our move, and packed the lunch bags, twine, and shears in my luggage instead of a moving box. When we arrived in town I stopped by Home Depot and found a flat of impatiens (18 for $10) that I cut into single pots for gifting. Tada!

Here's a printable with a blank space for you to write your own greeting - happy neighboring!

Forward to the Fight.

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