Link Pinterest Pins to Dates and Tasks with Evernote and Google Calendar

It was right there before my eyes. I have no idea why I haven't done this before.

I LOVE Pinterest. Seeing the creative ways people enjoy life and manage life is helpful and inspiring. Sometimes I'm browsing for inventive spark, and sometimes for specific tutorials. Because of the different ways I use Pinterest, my boards get cluttered and the things I really want to make happen for a specific holiday or event get buried and forgotten.

My new solution to this problem is linking those pins to either Evernote or my Google Calendar. I'm setting reminders and alarms for the links, which will serve as a digital bring up file for my Pinterest boards. Oh, yes.

Here's how it works:


Copy and paste the URL of your chosen pin in a note, then create a reminder for that note.
You can also bookmark the URL for the pin using the Evernote Web Clipper (THIS IS SO EASY!), which will file the note for you in a selected notebook. Open Evernote and create a reminder for the filed note.

Google Calendar

Copy and paste the URL of your pins in the details box of scheduled events (remember, this information may be public depending on your calendar settings). Set reminders for those events and the URL will be contained in the details when you are prompted by their alarms.

A second way of linking to Google Calendar is through Tasks. You can copy and paste the URL of a pin into a task and give it a specific date for follow up. I recently began using GoTasks on my iPhone (GREAT app!) which allows me to set an additional alarm on my phone for the tasks I enter from my laptop.

You can use both these methods to link entire boards, as well, which is helpful for group collaboration.

Happy pinning, linking, and creating!


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