Proper Care and Feeding of Dreamers.

Yesterday Butterbean enlisted the help of her kid brother and spent a solid hour prepping a surprise-for-no-reason party.

Just for me.

I walked down the stairs as her honored guest only to find two elves happily creating party goods with items from my craft stash - my UNTOUCHABLE craft stash.

I quickly went from guest mode to mom mode and began my indictment on 'not asking for my permission.' The party planner's face fell. And her emotions went haywire.

Today I realized I was looking into a mirror when looking into her face.

The dreamer. The rule-breaker. The party-maker.

She knew full well she had broken a rule, long before I arrived on the scene and way before I uttered a word. But the dream was worth it. She knew in her heart that what she was creating was beyond the rule - and if she could just get me to the party - I would celebrate the dream with her.

I missed the party.

And instead I held in my arms a broken, crumpled mess of a girl who could only whimper, "but you didn't even open your present."

Tonight John gave me one of the sweetest gifts - a funny commercial that cuts to the core of a dreamer's heart.

Dreamers will wreck your life. They'll steal from your craft stash and use all your favorite washi tape. But please show up for the party. The gift inside the crinkled paper is a little piece of their heart.


ALDI Pumpkin Chipotle Chicken Chowder.