EveryBODY Counts. (Ministry Stats Hack.)

Statistics. You have to know them to loathe them. But they are so important. They are measurable bits of information that are uber helpful when gathered accurately.

So here's a hack for all you dedicated people-counters. Create a weekly Post-it Note to place in your planner, on your clipboard, on your forehead... to help you stay on top of the numbers game.

This is how it works:
Download the STATS POST IT TEMPLATE and print. *Make sure that the 'Page Scaling' option in the print dialog box is set to NONE. Add two 4x4 Post-it Notes to the empty boxes. Download the STATS TRACKER file. Load your Post-it covered paper (adhesive sides facing in the direction that the page loads) into your printer and print your custom notes. *NONE for 'Page Scaling,' again!

Grab the PDF's here:

Don't want to use Post-its? Print the template, then reload the template page into your printer without Post-its. Print the stats tracker onto the template printout - the tracker will print right inside the empty boxes. Cut out the boxes and coat the back top portion with Scotch Restickable craft glue. Instant sticky note!

Here are some great YouTube tutorials on custom Post-its! Have fun!

Do It On A Dime - Print on Post-its
I Heart Planners - How to Print on Sticky Notes

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