Praying With A Prayer Ladder

Here's a simple tool to help you in your prayer time. Print this prayer ladder to keep in your prayer space or prayer journal. It will be a help in times where your prayer life is challenged with dryness or distraction.

  • Praise God - Acknowledge His greatness!
  • Repentance - Confess your sins and live freely in forgiveness.
  • Testimony - Remind yourself of answered prayers and thank the Lord for His goodness.
  • Petitions - Bring your needs before the Lord.
  • Scripture - Read from His Word.
  • Meditation - Reflect on what you have read.
  • Promises - What has God promised to you? Remind yourself and thank the Lord.
  • Direction - Seek the Lord's guidance. 
  • Silence - Be still and quiet before the Lord.
  • Intercession - Bring the needs of others before the Lord.
  • Songs/Psalms - Sing praise to the Lord!
  • Praise - Acknowledge His greatness!

Download the image or print the PDF HERE. (Handy Tip: Use the 'Print using system dialog' option to re-size the image - choose 'Preferences' ---> 'Page Setup' ---> 'Scaled' and reduce from 100% to desired size. This is an easy way to create a bookmark for your Bible or prayer journal. Always choose 'Fit to Page' no matter what size you are printing.)

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