Soli Deo Gloria.

I am a child twice adopted. Adopted on this earth and adopted into eternity.

I am a wife.  A lover of my husband and his partner in ministry as we walk in the amazing good works God prepared for us beforehand.

I am a mommy.  A lover of my children and learning the ways of God's first working of discipleship, parenthood.  I am blessed with two little ones, Butterbean (7) and Buddy (6).

I am a disciple-maker.  I have been set apart by God to share His Good News. I want to be found loving and serving Him all my days: living to win souls and make their salvation the first purpose of my life, caring for the poor, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, loving the unlovable, and befriending those who have no friends.

I am practicing hospitality.  Ever-provided with opportunities for practice (as I am moving on in Christ Jesus toward perfection), my heart is seeking to live a life marked by perfect love.  I want to see revival - I want to live in agape community.

This blog is my effort to live transparently, and through that :hopefully: be an encouragement and source of strength for women finding themselves in similar life-journeys.

I'm not perfect, but holiness is the greatest desire of my heart.  I don't know how to operate an SLR camera, but I enjoy creative stuff.  I don't sew in my spare time - mainly because I don't have much spare time.  I don't knit, either, but I do make a mean pb&j.  And did I mention that I am able to drive and operate a mobile kitchen in the event of a catastrophic disaster?  (Ha! How's that for blogging street cred?)

My kids are often covered in the crumbs from their breakfast, and, yes, they picked out those unmatched socks. Understanding my place as a mom in full time ministry is a daily walk for me, and if you'd like to hear the testimonies that come from that frame of reference... follow along.

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