Welcome. We know that you’re here because you’re about to make an important decision. Hotel owner or a hospitality professional, it’s the biggest decision you’ll make: who do you want to work with? Who is right to manage your hotel? Who can help you grow your career?

Rest assured. You’ve come to the right place. Because, we believe there is more to what we do than just putting heads in beds. Checking people in and checking people out. Carrying bags and making beds. We do all that, and we do it well. But, that’s just the price of admission.  

There’s more to This Practice. 

This Practice is more than a full-service hospitality management company. We are a group of individuals with a common mandate, rooted in our many diverse cultures and our universal humanity, to welcome and care for others. It’s true we’re experts at mining data to deliver results and engineering systems to optimize returns, but we are also passionate about anticipating needs – both those of our guests and our partners – and tapping into emotional intelligence to drive innovation and create value.

Most importantly, at the end of the day, we’re committed to surrounding ourselves with likeminded people and lifting each other up as we pursue our goals. Because, that is what hospitality is all about. And hospitality is what we do at This Practice.  


The Leadership Team

Convention or resort properties, limited service to luxury to lifestyle hotels, in the urban core at the airport or in top leisure destinations – wherever you are or wherever you want to go, the leadership team at This Practice has been there and delivered results while racking up more than a century of collective experience in every aspect of hotel management in markets across North America.

Bashar Wali

President and CEO

Leslie Lew

VP of Revenue & Distribution

Zie Zie Senzaki

VP of Sales & Marketing

Kate Buska

VP of Brand & Communications



Atlanta - Soft Brand

Fall 2020

Dallas - Branded

Early 2021

Washington, DC - Branded

Early 2021

Los Angeles - Branded

Late 2021


San Diego, Denver, Austin, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio



This Practice is a hospitality management company with a mindset firmly rooted in the sacred trust that forms the foundation of our relationships with our guests, our team and our partners.

The company provides full-service hospitality management services including:

-          Takeover and transition
-          Brand implementation and exit
-          Operations
-          Sales and marketing
-          Revenue and distribution
-          Finance and human resources.

We also specialize in providing technical services that include:

-          Site and development team selection
-          Branding and concept development
-          Food and beverage partnership recruiting and negotiation
-          Architecture and interior design process consultation.

Led by a team of experts with a proven track record, This Practice is prepared to guide your hotel to success and nurture your career in the field of hospitality.



At This Practice, we believe the way you do business and the manner in which you treat others and engage with your community, forms the foundation of your success.

Integrity – Success is built on a foundation of relationships. We bring humility, transparency and a sense of ownership to every situation. We stand by our word, deliver on our promises, work to build strong, mutually beneficial partnerships and do right by others.

Tenacity – Our pursuit of excellence is unending. We prize industry, value hard work and believe no one is above putting their head down and grinding it out. We learn from our mistakes and are continually refining and improving our processes.

Responsibility – Goals are clearly defined and results, good or bad, are owned by all. We support one another in our pursuits, are empowered to take initiative, recognize the unique contributions everyone makes to the process and hold ourselves accountable.

Creativity – Our actions are unbound by convention, informed by intuition and attuned to individuality to deliver originality and authenticity. Emotional intelligence allows us to favor big picture problem solving and innovation over rigid adherence to policy and procedure.

Humanity – Caring for others is core to who we are and what we do. Our interactions are rooted in empathy, generosity and sensitivity. We respect the diversity and individuality we all bring to the table, the connectedness of our world and the impact we have on our community.


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